Mistakes of Homeowners When Maintaining Their Lawns  

Your grass makes up more than half of the landscape. This is the most noticeable feature in your landscaping. No wonder it’s essential to keep your lawn in top shape and good condition. Consistent maintenance is the answer! However, most home and property owners cannot perform this task due to their hectic schedules. If you experience the same situation, you are advised to hire a professional lawn service provider.

Some residential owners take a DIY route, but here are their common mistakes:

Inconsistent Care

Regular care and maintenance is really important to your lawn but many homeowners fail to do this. They don’t follow a maintenance schedule that’s why their lawn looks unhealthy and unattractive. The only best way to achieve consistent maintenance is to trust a professional lawn service provider. Professional landscapers understand when is the best time to mow, water, and fertilize your lawn.

Use Inappropriate Tools and Equipment

This is another mistake of homeowners when maintaining their lawns. They use dull mowers that’s why they won’t be able to mow their lawns properly and end up over trimming their grass. If you don’t have effective materials, you better leave the entire lawn maintenance procedure to landscaping experts as they’re equipped for the job.

Apply Too Much Fertilizer

Yes, fertilizer is vital to make your grass grow greener, thicker, and healthier. However, some homeowners apply too much fertilizer and end up burning their grass that leads to expensive repairs. A proper amount of fertilizer must be applied to your lawn to prevent this from happening. Leave the fertilization to experts as they have the knowledge and skills on how to perform the job correctly. Also, they know what type of fertilizer is best for your lawn.

Whenever you need lawn service in Eugene, OR, you can always contact Oregons Finest Lawns to help you. For inquiries and information, give us a call at (541) 204-0777 today.

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