The Basics of Caring for Your Lawn  

Taking care of your lawn, no matter how tedious, should be a must and is not something you can just avoid having done. If you do not have the time, or simply want to have a healthy lawn without the flare, you can opt to hire a lawn service to give you the basics. By basics, this means the most important yet most helpful type of maintenance and care. Below is a list:



Your lawn needs this if you want the grass to grow and thrive. Without the right type of fertilization and regularly doing so, your grass would grow slow and poorly. You would end up with a lawn that is surviving, not thriving. You would not want that. Make sure your soil is fertilized.



If you leave the grass and weeds to grow, you would find yourself deep in a jungle of insects and pests. You would give a bad impression to your neighbors with a lawn so dirty and messy. Get it regularly mowed with a professional lawn service so you can avoid having to explain to everyone how your lawn is not hiding wild animals.



This is an important type of lawn care that will definitely benefit you in the long run. This will help prevent weeds from growing by making sure your soil gets the right amount of water and sunlight to grow properly and healthily. This will save you from having to deal with weeds or dead patches on your lawn.


Get the lawn that you want and deserve by hiring an expert in Eugene, OR. One that you can trust to give you this type of lawn service is Oregons Finest Lawns. We offer quality lawn care services and would gladly help you take care of your lawn. To book our service, call us at (541) 204-0777.

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