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Oregons Finest Lawns is a professional landscaping company with years of experience. Situated in Eugene, OR, we present to you a brief explanation of our most requested services and areas of expertise. Take a look!

Lawn Moving Service

Lawn Mowing Service

Landscaping Maintenance

There are certain areas of your property that need professional care in order to keep their beauty. Your landscape is one of them. It includes everything from the lushness of your grass to the fertilizers you use for your turf. Since it is an all-encompassing area of knowledge, it’s better left to our pros.


Lawn Mowing

Mowing your lawn isn’t necessarily the most pleasant thing to do, but your property in Eugene, OR requires it on a regular basis to keep its curb appeal. As real lawn doctors, we won’t just run the mower up and down. If there is an issue with your grassy spaces, you can certainly count on us to identify and fix it.


Leaf & Debris Removal

If there is some post-construction garbage left in your garden or a pile of leaves making colorful patches on your lawn, call us and we’ll haul them away. No one wants a cluttered yard.


Bush Shaping/Trimming

Oregons Finest Lawns will take care of your bushes by shaping them and trimming away all the excessive growth. If your shrubs are getting out of hand, call our pros and let them do what they do best.



Weed removal and management is a necessary part of gardening. Pulling weeds is not a fun activity but in order to stop them competing with your plants and grass, it’s something you should take care of. Or better, let us do it instead!



Having a nice green yard doesn’t happen without putting time and effort into in. Aerating your lawn seasonally is a great way to start. It involves special techniques for soil perforation and if that’s out of your purview, just get in touch with us.


Power Washing

Your exterior surfaces can be easily kept in a spic and span condition without spending too much on them. With the right equipment, no stain is going to settle on your patio or driveway.


Other Services

Our help covers home and business owners on a variety of occasions. In addition to what has already been mentioned, we also do barking & mulching, roof & gutter work, flower bed planting, and tree removal. We also honor custom requests!


Now that you know more about our services, get in touch with our pros at (541) 204-0777 today!

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