Common Weeds That Grow on Your Lawn  

For an admirable, neat, and magnificent yard, you must take care of it. You may need to schedule a lawn service provider to feed the shrubbery, water the plants, and remove the pesky weeds. Speaking of weeds, here are the most common varieties you will find in your garden: 


The thing about dandelion seeds is that they float around the air looking for every opening on your lawn to grow and propagate. They also thrive in thin and sparse turf. Most of the time, they are the bane of many gardens. Once they take hold there is no stopping them unless you put in all the hard work to do so.


No weed is more common than pesky crabgrass. It thrives in thin, undernourished, and weak lawns. When summertime arrives, it will grow into a ground-hugging plant that will spread without any hesitation, suffocating anything that is in its way.

Creeping Charlie

When it settles, creeping Charlies can become very difficult to eliminate. They are very aggressive weeds that will stop at nothing to dominate your other plants. The invasive nature of this plant is a tough one to fight. Schedule a professional lawn service to help you eliminate them.


Quackgrasses are exceptionally easy to recognize. The wide-leaves and blades have a rough burr-like feel. You need to remove them from the roots because any residue or part left in the ground will rapidly grow again. When pulling it, ensure the roots are attached to the stem.

For excellent results, don’t think twice about contacting yard specialists near you. They possess the skills, experience, and tools to effectively remove the weeds. If you want to schedule a lawn service in Eugene, OR that will not waste your time, call (541) 204-0777. Oregons Finest Lawns is a top-quality lawn professional. Let us help you achieve a weed-free garden!

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