Important Mowing Tips to Remember  

Mowing the grass should be practiced on your property. When it comes to lawn care, grass cutting must never be excluded from the list. It’s also not enough to have spare hours and a good-working mower to work on the lawn. Take note of these exquisite mowing tips that will guarantee you a smooth task:

Clear the Yard First

Before you turn on the mower, you need to prepare your garden. Make sure you clear any debris, trash, and dead leaves. Doing so will help make the task much easier. Also, pick up twigs, branches, stones, pebbles, dog bones, small toys, cans, bottles, food wrappers, and any other items that will get stuck in the blades. If there are low-lying things that can’t be relocated, such as pipes, mark their spot to avoid bumping into them accidentally.

Consider the Right Pattern

Whatever you do, avoid mowing around in a spiral pattern. It will result in a messy-looking turf. The correct technique usually involves a back and forth motion. Consider a brisk walking pace because if you walk too slowly, chances are the blades will clog. For spots around flower beds and trees, perform two laps. If you’re not sure how to manage it, schedule a lawn care service from a specialist near you.

Tidy the Area After Mowing

Never overlook cleaning the lawn after using a mower. Get a lawn rake to gather the grass clippings. You can throw them away or use them as mulch to help retain moisture in your garden or plants. It is more useful if you have a mulching mower. Don’t skip washing the mower blades after you use them. Squirt a little oil on the moving parts to prevent rust on the surface.

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